Mayor's Message

June 10, 2020

Events That Changed Us All.
The events of the past few weeks have challenged our community in a way it has never been challenged before. Senseless acts of violence and looting warped the messaging of peaceful protests meant to express the pain of the death of George Floyd. Another tragic event followed by this senseless death occurred in our very own community, the shooting of San Francisco resident Sean Monterrosa. I want to express my deepest condolences to both families in this very difficult time.

We Hear You.
Our community has been jarred by the recent events across the nation and in our very own backyard. Over the last week, I have received over 2,600 emails asking for change, and your voices have not fallen on deaf ears. We hear you.

Change is Coming.
In the last seven days, Council and City Staff have made accomplishments, undoubtedly fueled by the intense desire to bring a high level of transparency and accountability to the City and VPD. In the case of the shooting death of Sean Monterossa, Council, working together with VPD and City staff, have requested that the criminal investigation for this incident be elevated from the Solano County District Attorney's Office to the California Attorney General for a thorough review. Additionally, Chief of Police, Shawny Williams, has requested that the internal investigation into the Monterossa shooting be reviewed by an outside, nonpartisan consultant, the OIR group.

OIR Assessment report.
In addition to these requests for elevated investigations, City Council agreed that the community must have access to an assessment report on the practices, policies, and procedures of the Vallejo Police Department, which was completed and prepared by The OIR Group. This report shines light on where our Police Department is failing and where the department is performing well. This OIR report will help to hold us accountable for the necessary improvements that must be made.

Collaborating on a Better Future.
Finally, it is important to mention that last night, my Council colleagues and I unanimously voted to ratify the agreement with the California Department of Justice. I am confident that we are making positive steps in the right direction for our City and PD by entering into this agreement with the Cal DoJ.

I have always known in my heart that Vallejo is strong, and Vallejo is resilient, and together we will rise.

- Your Mayor, Bob Sampayan

Continuing the Progress to a Better Vallejo

Bob Sampayan

You can rely on my 37 years of public service and leadership to continue to serve Vallejo with integrity.

We need to take advantage of the economic upturn and continue to distance ourselves from bankruptcy. I have the track record to do both!

With my leadership, fiscal responsibility and community listening and collaboration skills, we can ensure that Vallejo is a sustainable and attractive place to live, work and play.

Working together, we can make Vallejo the shining star of the North Bay once again.