You can rely on my 34 years of public service and leadership to continue to serve Vallejo with integrity.

We need to take advantage of the economic upturn and continue to distance ourselves from bankruptcy. I have the track record to do both!

With my leadership, fiscal responsibility and community listening and collaboration skills, we can ensure that Vallejo is a sustainable and attractive place to live, work and play.

Working together, we can make Vallejo the shining star of the North Bay once again.

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Committee to Elect Bob Sampayan | FPPC ID: 1379316

Thanksgiving 2016

As we enjoy our Thanksgiving festivities with family and friends, let us be thankful for what we have. 
I am very thankful for a community that has expressed their trust by electing me to lead the City of Vallejo forward in the next four years. I am truly humbled and honored.
Over the past week, I have been meeting with Mayor Davis and City staff on the mayoral transition. 
We have a lot of work ahead of us. We have a city that is divided and unity is the only way to bring harmony. We need to improve our educational system, public safety and economic development. To do this, we will need a unified community.
As I said during the election, one of my biggest goals is to work to bring our community together. I will be meeting with community members to discuss the issues that are affecting our city. I plan to speak with each council member to end the divisiveness that has prevented us from working together. I am working with City staff to improve our relationship and trust with the community and make government more accessible and transparent.
We have a long way to go and the next four years are exciting for Vallejo’s future. Thank you for your confidence in me to lead Vallejo and from Ramona and me, Happy Holidays.