Responsible Growth and Workforce Development

We must make sure that we recruit businesses that will provide a sustainable wage for employees and also prioritize our environmental concerns.  Everyone should have the opportunity to earn a livable wage.

We need training for the trades for all residents, including our youth, that ensures opportunities for job and personal growth.  We have to foster continued growth and investment in the colleges and universities that are an integral part of our city’s financial and social success.

We must continue to develop resources for the long-term in Vallejo that will provide the next generations in Vallejo with living-wage jobs.  Mare Island, Cook Property, Blue Rock Springs, South Vallejo, and our Waterfront are opportunities that we and our partners will continue to move forward.

Environment and Quality of Life

Bob believes that with high environmental standards for air and water quality on new and existing development projects we can protect our wetlands, coastline, other fragile open spaces, and historic monuments. This will ensure that these are available for future generations.

Bob understands that the environment and quality of life involve not just what you protect, but also repairing our infrastructure, keeping our transportation arteries and streets serviceable, and providing services for our youth and marginalized communities.

Housing for All

Housing isn’t about how many units are available, it’s about making sure there are affordable homes for our entire population, including teachers, construction workers, people working in the trades, seniors and young families.  Vallejo is one of the most affordable options in the Bay Area, we have an influx of new homeowners that we need to balance with the needs of our long-term residents.

We also need to ensure that tenants’ rights are considered and that we have policies in place that create fairness between landlords and tenants.  No one should be forced out of home because of a profit margin, and no one should live in sub-standard housing because of absentee landlords.

We need to protect and promote opportunities for homeownership across all economic levels.  Housing is also about finding new ways to provide shelter for the unhoused and creating innovative solutions for those in need.

A Platform of Priorities to Continue the Progress

Bob's primary goal for the City of Vallejo has been and continues to be building a healthy community and economy for today and the future.

Our success depends on engaged residents to create a common vision and successful future for our city, one that we all can be proud of. It also requires rebuilding trust and confidence between the residents and city government, better local and regional collaboration with other public agencies, and a consistent celebration of our community accomplishments, heroes and hard work.