COVID-19 Updates

Here we will be posting updates from local, county, federal and other agencies on the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.   Please check back often for updates.

Solano County CV 19 Update, 4-15-20.

Dr. Bela Matyas: 141 cases in Solano County, 45 are active and 16 are hospitalized. There have been 2 deaths.
2,000 residents have been tested.
Our hospitals are doing well and have adequate ICU beds and ventilators.

Cases: Vallejo-53, Fairfield-35, Vacaville-24
The west coast curve appears to be flattening for the last 2 weeks. There is no prediction on a surge. Health Depts. across the state are discussing ending the stay-at-home order with the Governor. Please note, this is discussion only and the release has not yet happened. The stay-at-home order will possibly stay in place until mid to late May.
The drive-thru testing at the fairgrounds did 100 tests this week with 7 positive.

Ted Selby, Assistant Health Dept. Director: "Our hospitals have adequate PPE's at this time. The county is working with care facilities."

Daniel Del Monte, County Homeless Coordinator:
Vallejo/Benicia is beginning Phase 1 of our project and will begin housing the homeless in hotel/motel rooms. They must fit all the criteria of testing positive, being tested, or is of a critical age. Other projects for the rest of the County will be awarded on Friday, this week. Projects are anticipated to be similar to ours.

Patrick Duterte, County is working to put together a hotline for seniors for wellness checks. It will be staffed by volunteers. They will be working with cities that currently have this system in place to coordinate services.

Last night during our council meeting, City Manager Greg Nyhoff announced that the City has purchased 3,000 CV19 test kits. He and I have been working with the CEO of Sutter Solano, Abishek Dosi, to put together a county-wide program with all our health partners and cities to do testing. It is still in the works with our County health department and more information should come out soon. I will keep you advised.

Again, please follow the guidelines set forth by the State & CDC and continue to social distance yourself.
Please stay well & be strong,
Vallejo, together we'll get through this!

Bob Sampayan,

A Message From Bob

I have been attending numerous phone conferences regarding the CV 19 virus. I'll post information from Solano County as I get it.
Today's Solano County info is as follows:
Dr. Bela Matyas, County Health Officer, stated the following: There are 9 new cases of CV 19 in Solano County over the weekend which brings our total to 43. He did not break down the numbers per city. 16 cases are still active, 12 are hospitalized, we have 0 fatalities.
There is "moderate" pressure on our local hospitals, even with the upswing and they are doing a good job.
Our hospitals are prepared for a "surge" if there is one.
The Shelter at Home order will extend through the end of April.

Office of Emergency Services:
The federal gov't will provide funds for homeless housing.
The County is looking at drive-through testing sites but it has not yet been approved. The site will be at the Fairgrounds. There will be 250 tests per day but only to those that have a doctor's prescription.
The Food Bank is doing well with the help of the National Guard.
Shelter at Home seems to be working and we are encouraged to follow the order.

As I get more information, I will post it. Please follow the Shelter at Home order and if you have to go out, please use the social distance of at least 6 feet.

Please stay healthy!!


Support from Fighting Back Pa

COVID-19 Citizen Assistance Program

Partnering with the City of Vallejo, California Office of Child Abuse Prevention and Yocha Dehe Community Fund, the Fighting Back Partnership (FBP) Family Resource Center has expanded the availability of funding to assist citizens who:

• are temporarily laid off from their jobs

• may have lost their jobs due to business closure, or

• have had to take a leave of absence to care for children home from school or an ill family member and are not being paid.

As of April 1, 2020, to qualify for temporary assistance with rent/mortgage, utilities, food, and/or gas, you can complete the online application. Email the completed application to or send it by mail to Atten: Melvinia King (COVID-19), Fighting Back Partnership, 505 Santa Clara Street, 3rd Floor, Vallejo, CA 94590.

Families and individuals may apply. This assistance will not cover bills that are already past due. Qualifications:

• Proof Vallejo residency

• Proof of being laid off or being assigned reduced hours from your employer 

• Copy of the bill(s) you would like assistance with

If you qualify for assistance, Fighting Back Partnership will issue a check directly to landlords, property management companies or utility providers. Please note that PG&E and the City of Vallejo Water Services have stated they will not be shutting off services during this time. If given food or gas gift cards, you will have to submit receipts showing proof of purchase. Alcoholic beverages and smoking products are not allowed.

The Family Resource Centers (FRC) and the Creating A Beloved Community: Family and the Road to Resilience Program (CaBC) are community-based programs that service families with children ages 0-18. FBP offer services ranging from short-term support for essential basic needs to long-term programs customized to sustain families with healthy lifestyles, educational advancement and career support. The CaBC program focuses on intergenerational outcomes by providing quality programs for pregnant women and mothers with infants along with their families. Both FRC and CaBC bring together services and activities that educate, enhance skills, and promote healthy choices for families. Home visits may be scheduled for families that need extra support. If you or someone that you know is in need of assistance and don't know where to turn, please call the FRC for an appointment at 707-648-5230.

To apply, complete this application.
Fighting Back Partnership Covid-19 Citizen Assistance Program