sessions where the public could ask questions of police trainers. I and some members of the council participated in forums run by leaders in our community. Regrettably, we have not done enough. I stand with those protesting for accountability and change in both spirit and intent and seek the opportunity to work together constructively.

As of today, I have committed to the Barack Obama Mayor's Pledge. This pledge is a four-part plan to bring about change in policing. It is not a guarantee but rather a starting point. We know what needs to be done. We don’t need to wait for months or years to address concerns that we know will be useful to change the way the police do business. We can do that now. We can start that conversation with the community, we will listen and start the implementation of improvements now.

Although additional reviews or investigations are a good step, there are proven tools we can use today. I propose that we implement programs like "8 Can’t Wait" that have proven themselves in communities that are having problems between police departments and the people they serve. We must include the city council in all decisions and build consensus to support these actions but I will be moving forward with the Mayor's Pledge as well as pursuing the policies in "8 can't wait". I would hope and expect to see the support these steps deserve from my fellow council members. I propose that we start this in motion immediately so that we can address issues within the police department and discuss policy changes that can help our city heal. We can't erase past events, but we must resolve to move forward. The results of ongoing and proposed investigations into police conflicts will be made final and the results disclosed. We must carefully consider the results, but our city needs healing now. We will build Vallejo and we will build it together in Unity.

This work is never done, and we will take it on together

My Pledge To Vallejo

I have been heartbroken over what is happening in our city over the last few days. Systemic racism, economic divides, and unemployment as well as other issues have faced our community for a long time. We have stated proudly that we are the most diverse community in the United States, but we are also a community with challenges and struggles that frustrate our potential. When we selected our new Police Chief we opened the process to input from the public for the first time. A team of residents took part in the interview process. We held training