Bob's overarching goal for the City of Vallejo is to building a healthy community and economy now and into the future. While many of his ideas are outlined in the platform below, he needs your help!

Our success depends on an engaged citizenry to collectively forge a common vision and future for our city—one that we all can be proud of. It also requires rebuilding trust and confidence between the citizens and city government, better local and regional collaboration with other public agencies, and consistent celebration of our community accomplishments, heroes and hard work.

Please join our campaign in making Vallejo better than ever!

Neighborhood Safety through Community Policing & Crime Prevention

When Bob becomes Mayor,he will continue to work on bringing the best public safety available to our community. As a top notch service provider, the City will continue to expand and improve its customer service fostering trust and open communication between our police and fire departments and the citizens of Vallejo.

To that end, Bob will continue to work toward increasing the ranks of the police and fire departments, bring cutting-edge technology and innovation to our public safety efforts, return to tried and true policing methods (e.g., community policing), and expand crime prevention efforts and neighborhood engagement (e.g., increase volunteer base, neighborhood watch groups).

Growing Our Local Economy; Becoming a Regional Leader:
Developing Industry Sector Niches, Jobs and Cradle to Career Training

As Mayor, Bob will continue the work he started as a Councilmember: bringing long term sustainable jobs to the city and offering our residents a real living wage with benefits!

Bob's efforts will continue to focus on attracting jobs and industry sectors that are consistent with the City’s new General Plan – the visionary document that will guide our land use development efforts for the next 30 years!

Key geographic areas of emphasis include Mare Island, the Downtown and the Waterfront, as well as the City’s crucial commercial corridors of Sonoma Boulevard, Tennessee Street and Springs Road. In addition, Bob will bring focused attention and economic development efforts to the city’s struggling neighborhoods of North and South Vallejo.

While job and industry attraction is important, so is job training and support of our existing businesses! Like a three-legged stool, strong and sustainable economic growth requires cradle to career job training programs, developing industry sector niches, increasing employment opportunities in those sectors, and helping existing businesses to expand.

Therefore, Bob's plan for growing our local economy and becoming a regional leader includes a strong educational and job training component that partners with the City’s School District, as well as its three institutions of higher learning, to ensure that our youth and citizens are prepared for the future. Efforts will include developing Cooperative Education Agreements, expanding job training programs with the trade industries (e.g., Green Build) and aligning higher education programs with real on-the-job training and opportunities.

As the State promotes a “green” economy, so should the City. Vallejo already have the perfect combination of vocational skills and labor, light industrial and manufacturing sites, a State moving toward a “green economy” and potential funding sources to encourage growth and development (e.g., Cap and Trade funds). Now, we just need to bring it all together and make this winning combination work for us!

Fiscal Sustainability

Over the past four years, Bob has made some of the toughest fiscal choices of any local government public official in the State of California. If there is one thing that he has learned, there are no silver bullets to solving complex financial problems.

Fiscal sustainability means balancing employee labor and vendor (e.g., Recology) contracts with what we can truly afford, rebuilding our reserve account, leveraging public-private partnerships to bring more funds and projects to the city, developing more public agency partnerships to reduce duplicative services and programs (e.g., procurement), increasing long term, sustainable revenues, and rebuilding the public’s trust and confidence in the city, each other and our ability to actually get things done! We're on the road to recovery and Bob intends to ensure that we stay the course.

A Safe and Attractive Environment

The foundation of a healthy community is a physically safe and aesthetically pleasing environment. When elected, Bob will continue to uphold high environmental standards (e.g., air and water quality) for new and existing development projects; protect our wetlands, coastline, historic monuments and other fragile open spaces; and promote the arts and high quality urban and architectural design.  We have to treat our environment and community with reverence first, if we want others to appreciate and respect all that the city has to offer. Only then, will we ensure a bright and successful future.